Movable Walls Repairs and Call-Outs Throughout Ireland

Erindar Movable Walls offer a nationwide repair call-out service for movable walls and sliding door partition systems. We aim to get your partition fully working within one visit.

A movable wall or sliding folding partition system that breaks down will cause inconvenience for facility operators, particularly those who rely on the function of their walls as a continued source of revenue and can’t afford their system to be out of commission for a prolonged period of time.




Common Faults or Problems

  • Panels dragging along the floor
  • The seals are not extending at the top or bottom of the panel
  • Panels stuck or not moving
  • The panels are not aligned at the top or bottom
  • Acoustic wall is leaking sound
  • Panel is stuck in the stacking area
  • End/Closing panel is not making contact with the wall post
  • The track appears to be loose or have dropped